XRick is a clone of the famous game Rick Dangerous. It’s a platform action game. The plot was inspired by Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark. Rick travels to Amazonas looking for the Goolu tribe, goes to Egypt, he fights in the Schwarzendumpf castle and finally goes to London where the aliens are attacking the town.


Rick can jump and climb, he has bombs and bullets for the weapon. You use the weapon to defeat the enemies although if you use the traps in the map you can also kill your enemies. Bombs are used to resolve puzzles.

XRick in game

Use the arrow keys to move. Use the space bar plus the up key to fire a bullet. Use the space bar plus the down key to put dynamite. Use the space bar plus the left/right key to poke a wall.

Install XRick on Haiku

XRick is under a custom license and it’s available on HaikuPorts official repo.

pkgman install xrick