Alien Blaster

Alien Blaster is an arcade action game. You must keep going while you’re destroying enemies’ spaceships. You have multiple weapons.

Alien Blaster

Use the arrow keys to move your spaceshi, CTRL key to fire, SHIFT key to change weapon. Select a special attack with Y and fire that attack with ALT. The games supports local multiplayer. Just bring a friend and choose their keys.

Alien Blaster In Game

While you’re playing you can collect green circles. They’re health, weapons, and things that you might not want to miss.

Install Alien Blaster on Haiku

Alien Blaster was developed by Paul Grathwol, Arne Hormann, Daniel Kuhn, Sonke Schwardt and it’s under the GNU GPL v2 license. It’s on HaikuPorts official repo, but no binary packages available yet.

haikuporter --no-dependencies --get-dependencies alienblaster