Critical Mass

Critical Mass is an interesting strategy game. You’re the red team and you have red protons. You must destroy all blue atoms. Seems easy but it’s quite hard to win if you enable a good IA.

Critical Mass

Every turn you click on a cell. You add a proton to that cell. The cell must be void or with another proton. When an atom reaches a critical mass, it explodes and it sends a proton to the cells near it. You now know how to conquer other atoms, reach critical mass near a blue atom and it’ll be yours. What if an atom reachs critical mass and the proton it sends allows another atom to reach critical mass. Then you have a chain reaction and they’re very common in Critical Mass. Use it wisely. You should keep the reaction under control unless you want to lose in a 10 seconds movement!

Critical Mass Explosion

How many protons is a Critical Mass? It depends on the atom’s position.

  • Corners: Two protons
  • Edge: Three protons
  • Center: Four protons

Critical Mass has different levels of AI, from Random to Albert Einstein. Critical Mass also allows you to play the game with a friend because it supports local multiplayer. Just select Human in the Blue menu.

Install Critical Mass on Haiku

Critical Mass was developed by Hamish Carr in 1998. It’s availabe on HaikuPorts official repo.

pkgman install criticalmass